Is simply to deliver top quality residential construction services and
professional site management services to customers in Central, Southern,
and Southeastern Ohio.
About Us
Just like our customers we value family, friends, honesty, integrity, and the
satisfaction of a job well done! Our Goal We want nothing more than to see
you satisfied and proud to show off your new 1st Choice home.
1st Choice Homes was established to design and build homes for clients
who want real choices. While other builders claim to be “custom”, as they
restrict or charge excessively for your requested modifications, we truly are
the affordable custom builder in Central Ohio. Limited only by your
imagination and budget we offer flexibility in design, and we make it
affordable! Our experienced team possess 15 years residential design and
26-years construction management experience in their respective
disciplines. Collectively, our team has been involved in delivering more than
750 residences to satisfied customers in Central Ohio. In an era when most
builders seek the lowest cost subcontractors, we seek out the best
professional tradesmen. Genuine craftsman whose work reflects their
tremendous pride and attention to detail in a job well done. Ultimately, we
are here to serve our customers by delivering the most affordable, high
quality custom home available. We measure our success by the number of
referrals we receive from previous customers. The overwhelming majority of
our customers were referred by other satisfied customers and the majority
of those referred a friend even before their own home was complete. We
consider this to be the highest compliment we could receive and thank our
past customers for their continued support. Thanks! We would also like to
thank you for your interest in 1st Choice Homes and invite you to experience
the difference when we are your 1st Choice.
welcome to:
1st Choice Homes, Ltd.
Affordable Custom Homes on Your Lot!